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Monday, September 14, 2009

Overhead - James Fauntleroy

overhead it was there
unaware was searching for it
but i couldn't find it
overhead it was closer then i thought
a whisper on the way
a little reminder
i searched high, i searched low
thought i might catch you sneaking up behind it
but when i let it go
it was everything i wanted
and nothing i expected

overhead yeah
overhead yeah

overhead it was simple, it was strong
in the way it held on
but lasted forever
overhead take a breath
it's freedom that you're breathing
and i couldn't get better
it was so beautiful
overcoming all the rain and the weather
so don't let it go
it was everything you wanted
and nothing you expected
just like i said

overhead yeah
overhead yeah
overhead yeah
overhead, overhead

wish i've found in on the backseat
fast car on a long damn street
put my hand to the ground
listen for the sound of a heartbeat
yeah found it in the blue sky
we aren't perfect but we still try
not perfect but we still try
right there on the inside
just like i said

o, o, overhead
overhead, overhead

overhead forgive me if i stare
but you're the answers to my prayer
and i'm so glad i found you


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