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Monday, October 26, 2009

Bring Yourself - Guy Sebastian

yeah yeah yeah
if you went to the (?)
and your balance was blank
and your car was impounded by the state
don't you threat if you're unable to bring something to the table
you don't need nothing just bring yourself

if you're tired of work (yeah)
and you want to resign
spend each working day with me and i'll provide
(oh yes i will)
cos you don't need an occupation or a college education
you don't need nothing
but please baby bring yourself

(oh) just bring all of your love
cos baby that's all that's required
cos this thing that we got
i know will not expire (yeah)
so just say the magic words
then i am yours baby

close the door, draw the curtains
cos i've never been more certain
that a love like ours will stand the test of time
so i hope you've learnt this lesson
that i don't want your possessions
without you i'm nothing so bring yourself
just bring yourself
baby that's all i need
just bring yourself (hey baby)
that's all i need (yeah)
just bring yourself (oh oh)
just bring yourself
you don't need nothing baby
just bring yourself
i don't want nobody else
just bring yourself
baby just bring yourself

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