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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Slippin' - Usher

if you go somthing good don't take it for granted
hear me

this time i learnt a lesson from my drama
went through all of this so that you didn't have to feel the pain
i just gotta tell you that one man's loss is another mans gain(yeahh)
now your the type to take your girlfriend for granted
you should treat her like the finest thing on this here planet
and i know your gunna wanna hit em' the minute you see her with them

because you got caught slippin', slippin', slippin'
now your girls gone missin', missin, missin,
now your alone wishin, wishin, wishin
that there was somthing you could do she's with him cuz you got caught slippin'

oh how soon my brothers we forget (yeah) all the things we did just to get her
all the game that we spent all the flowers, phone conversations for hours
now we don't talk that long(no we don't)
and the love making ain't that strong(no it aint')
and got her feeling like she's the one doing wrong
you and i know she's moving on gotta be strong all because

you were slippin', slippin', slippin'(yeahh)
that's why she went missin, missin, missin,
and now your at home wishin, wishin, wishin, wishin
that you could rewind to the time she was yours
all because you got caught slippin'

ohh, ohh, ohh
miss ya baby, ill do anything

all because you were out slippin' slippin, slippin'
now your girls gone yeah she's dippin,dippin,dippin
no you cant trip cuz you did it to, trippin, trippin
no you reget it, you can dish it ohh but you can't take it
slippin,slippin, you looking like your lost cuz she gone
ohh where did she go ohh, ohh i know u wishin you could take it back(ohh)
you got caught slippin ohh she's gone, you want her to come back home
but she wont, you got caught slippin, you got caught, you got caught slippin,
i know its hard to accept


Hanna said...

-and (the love making) ain't that strong(no it aint')
-now your girls gone yeah she's (dippin),(dippin),(dippin)

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