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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Single & Lonely - Rasheed

(snip version)

do do do do do do do..
oh oh oh
table for one, table for one

cutest picture of you in my phone
even got your own special ringtone
haven't heard it in a while
i can't even smile
cos you ain't even called in 5 whole weeks
every girl i meet thinks that there's nothing wrong
in fact they think i've got it going on
but if she slides up my shades
and stares in my eyes
she'll see the pain and realize

i'm single and lonely
so bad it hurts
and i had a good girl
which feels even worst
playing around (playing around)
look at me now (look at me now)
the fool that lost you
i'm single and lonely
(ooh ooh ooh)

just a table for one, for one (for one)
when you got somebody good you should hold on
(good you should hold on)
cos i know how it feels when things go wrong
everybody so quick to break up (break up)
ain't no fight for love (for love)

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Anonymous said...

this will be better if this song is full