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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Wish - Bei Maejor

why don't you call no more?
i'm not sure.. thought you were the one for me
the only girl i adore
now you belong to someone else

yeah uh
used to be my girlfriend
why'd i let you go?
i kept a lot of things inside that you'd never know
see i was stupid and my pride wouldn't let it show
so i just went around pretending i was extra cold
the truth is that i really need to sweat it off
i'm useless girl without you, we were special yo
and do i think about the past? well yes and no
see it hurts to know we'll never get a second go
so as i'm sitting on my bed wishing you were here
i closed my eyes and in a vision i see you appear
if pretty girls is in the sky then you (?)
and then i'm sick when i wake up because you wasn't there
uh i know i made a few mistakes but a promise is a promise
and a promise i would make
that you'd never spend a day feelin' love was far away
but you sayin' it's too late
and right now i wish i never let you go

never let you go
whoa you should know i want you to come home
but you ain't got love for me, no love, no love
no baby
but now you belong to someone else


uh i hate the fact that i can't even hit you up no more
i hate that i'm the one who messed up what we had before
i hate tryna hide everytime i see you out
i'm sure the words i told you so come out your mama's mouth
i hate the fact another nigga got my damn wife
if i could trade it off you i would do it twice
i'd give it all up twice to see your smile once
i'd cut my life in half just to walk down that aisle once with you
huh yeah yeah the things that we would do
i'm wishing i could rearrange time and start new
time to write this sequel we need a part 2
but you sayin' part 1 i ain't play my part, true
damn that's where i went wrong
but don't let a few bad notes end a great song
and don't let a few hold ups end a hold on
i'ma keep holding on til my life gone
i wish i never let you go

wish i never let you go
you should know i want you to come home
but you ain't got love for me, no love, no love
no baby
but now you belong to someone else

and right now i wish i never let you go
never let you go
yeah i think that it's important you know
ooh how much, how much i want you at home
but you ain't got no love for me
no love, no love, no love
yeah i guess i gotta face the facts
now you belong to someone else


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